Sensory and Neuromotor System Disorders CRO

In vivex is a preclinical Contract Research Organization ( CRO )
specialized in the evaluation of sensory and neuromotor system disorders


The aim of our R&D program is to find and validate new biomarkers for the diagnostic of sensory and motor disorders.

A biomarker is a measurable indicator that can be used to determine the presence or severity of a disease state of an organism. However, nowadays there is no recognized and validated biomarker to determine the presence and evolution of sensory and motor disorders.

To use a biomarker for diagnostics, the sample material must be as easy to obtain as possible. In this way a drop of blood, urine or saliva sample is a rapid and noninvasive method, specially in rodents, to quantify the presence of a specific biomarker.

Clinically, for rapid initiation of treatment, the speed with which a result is obtained from the biomarker test is critical. A rapid test, which delivers a result after only a few minutes, is optimal allowing to start the treatment immediately after the test.

Family of biomarkers