Sensory and Neuromotor System Disorders CRO

In vivex is a preclinical Contract Research Organization ( CRO )
specialized in the evaluation of sensory and neuromotor system disorders

Who we are

The team is made up of scientists who bring years of experience and knowledge into the preclinical research models. Dr. Gonzalez : Neuromotor and hearing scientist expert - Dr. Cazevieille : Histology and electron microscopy scientist expert - Dr. Manes : Ophthalmology scientist expert.

Neuromotor and hearing
scientist expert
Dr. Sergio Gonzalez   Founder
Dr. Gonzalez has more than 13 years of experience in Preclinical Pharmacology Research and CRO services.

He has excellent technical competence in animal surgery, imaging, electrophysiology, pharmacokinetic, in vivo sampling and behavioral tests, and solid experience in managing research and development projects. He is the author of several international publications and holds a patent.

He worked during 10 years in the molecular and cellular mechanism of nervous system degeneration in the University of Barcelona ( Spain ), Montpellier ( France ) and Baltimore ( USA ). Then, as researcher in the Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier ( France ), he has been working on the development of drug candidates in peripheral neuropathy disorders and on the development of preclinical demyelinating models.

Before founding In vivex, he worked in a CRO specialized in hearing disorders and as biotechnology department manager for a bioanalysis laboratory. He brings to In vivex extensive experience and know-how in R&D study direction, study report writing, and clients and partners communication.

Histology and electron microscopy
scientific advisor
Dr. Chantal Cazevieille
Dr. Cazevieille has more than 19 years of experience in Histology and Electron Microscopy imaging for biological samples.

She worked during 6 years on the cellular mechanism of neuronal pain and degeneration induced by ischemia in the University of Montpellier. Then, she carried out a postdoc in the University of Oxford ( UK ) about the neuroprotective role of organics compounds. And from 2004, Dr. Cazevieille is in charge of the Eletron Microscopy platform at the Institute for Neuroscience of Montpellier for 15 years : from the preparation of the sample to the observation and interpretation

Dr. Cazevieille has excellent technical competence in histology, microscopy imaging, electron microscopy sample preparation, dissection and in vivo sampling. She has a solid experience in neuroscience and ophthalmology research projects, and she is the author of several international publications.

scientific advisor
Dr. Gaël Manes
Dr. Manes has more than 14 years of experience in genetics and therapy of retinal blindness and optic neuropathies.

After his thesis defense in Montpellier, Dr Manes carried out a postdoc during four years in Melbourne ( Australia ) where he worked on a mouse model on the identification of the signaling pathways involved in rheumatoid arthritis. Upon his return to France, he joined the Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier in 2008.

He has solid expertise in the exploration of the visual function with ophthalmological tests adapted to murine models ( visual field testing, fundus examination, high-resolution spectral-domain optical coherence tomography ( OCT ), fundus and autofluorescence imaging and electroretinogram ( ERG ) recording ).

He developed in the laboratory the next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics tools for the genetics studies. These approaches have led to the identification of several new genes involved in different forms of hereditary retinal dystrophies and optic neuropathies.